6x AA Battery Case with DC Power (No Cover)

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This is a Black Plastic Storage Box Case Holder for Battery 6 X AA Cell Box, with DC Power Plug. The connector mates with the barrel jack on the Arduino (among a number of other products) allowing you to easily make your project battery powered.


The case box keeps your batteries organized and protected. The holder case is designed with leads for easy-to-solder connections. This battery holder case is perfect for devices that need a 9V or 7.2V external battery.

Features : 1. Cell Quantity: 6. 2. Battery type: AA. 3.Storage temperature: 25’C (77F, RoomTemperature). 4.Max Operate temperature: 80’C (176F). 5. For ordinary batteries, the voltage is 9V. 6. For rechargeable batteries, the voltage is 7.2V.